Sharing connections is something we innately strive for, but it can also be complex and challenging to attain. Whether a relationship is business, friendship or love oriented, it is important to feel safe and confident being your authentic self so you can grow and sustain depth and connection. Quite often we lose connections in our relationships because we rely on our own potentially misguided perceptions on what the other person may be thinking. This can lead to negative cycles of assumptions when we miss the visual or emotional cues to connect.

Our Relationships series will guide you in recognising and reciprocating the types of communication that encourage healthy positive bonds. In this series, our Mind123 experts discuss the complex facets to forming, building and sustaining human connection, touching on love, change, meaning, letting go and more. Expect sessions to be inspiring, profound, comforting and enlightening, all whilst helping you get the the core of what may be blocking you from feeling fulfilled and happy. Ultimately, when you enhance your ability to connect with others authentically, you’ll begin to see the positive outputs reflected in those that surround you.

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